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We are beyond proud of this recognition from one of the most prestigious search awards for our work with Ampa LLP

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Digital Marketing Consultant FAQs

A digital marketing consultant is a specialist who guides businesses in the online world. They have accumulated years of advice and best practices, ensuring your brand doesn’t just show up, but stands out.

From elevating your organic visibility to harnessing the power of paid media, they’re the specialists who turn digital potential into tangible growth. With them, it’s not just about existing online – it’s about leading too.

Areas of expertise a digital marketing consultant might specialise in include:

  • Owned Media: digital assets that you control e.g. Website, Blogs, Social Media, Email etc.
  • Paid Media: content promotions, advertisements, or sponsored posts to a specific audience e.g. Influencer Marketing, Search, Social and Display Advertising.
  • Earned Media: when others share or talk about your brand without direct payment e.g. Online Reviews, Social Media Mentions, Press Coverage etc.
  • Shared Media: focuses on the viral and social aspects of content distribution e.g. User-Generated Content, Hashtag Campaigns, Viral Videos etc.

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Think of a digital marketing consultant as your navigator in the vast digital ocean. In a world where online noise is deafening, they ensure your brand’s voice is not only heard but echoed. Whether you’re looking to break into new digital territories or maximise your current online foothold, they bring specialised strategies that translate clicks into customers.

Your business doesn’t just need to be online, it needs to lead, inspire, and convert. That’s where a digital marketing consultant steps in.

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It’s not always just about numbers — it’s about value. A consultant brings niche expertise without the overheads of a full-time team. They’re your on-demand digital expert, offering agile strategies without fixed costs. While in-house teams have their merits, a consultant is a lean, focused force, maximising your budget’s potential. With them, it’s not about spending more but spending smartly for impactful returns.

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A digital marketing consultant is your focused expert and one-on-one strategist. While a full-service agency offers a broad spectrum of services with a team behind every task, a consultant hones in with specialised insights, offering tailored strategies that fit like a glove.

Think of the consultant as your brand’s personalised growth guide, whereas an agency is an entire ensemble. Both have their merits, but the consultant ensures every note resonates just for you.

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A digital marketing consultant isn’t just about strategies — it’s about crafting your online legacy. Examples of strategies can include:

  • SEO: Making sure people find you first on search engines.
  • Content: Crafting stories and information that matter to your audience.
  • PPC: Running ads that reach the right people at the right time.
  • Social Media: Connecting with your community where they hang out online.
  • Website Tweaks: Improving your site so visitors love staying and shopping.
  • Email Campaigns: Sending relevant and timely messages to your subscribers.
  • Influencer Partnerships: Teaming up with popular figures to showcase your brand.
  • Data Analysis: Looking at user actions to refine your online approach.
  • Branding: Keeping a clear and consistent brand voice everywhere.
  • Online PR: Spreading your brand’s good news across the digital world.

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Selecting a consultant isn’t just about ticking off requirements—it’s about partnering with someone who dives deep into your industry’s pulse. Hunt for a consultant whose strategies resonate with your sector. It’s not just about navigating the digital landscape, it’s also about having someone who crafts strategies infused with industry-specific insights.

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It’s more than just counting clicks and views. Digital Marketing Consultants use tools and insights to check how well their strategies work. They look beyond basic stats, focusing on things like deep engagement, rising sales, and lasting customer loyalty.

For them, it’s about making sure every move strengthens your brand’s journey to success. By looking at:

  • Engagement Rate: How actively are users interacting with your content.
  • Conversion Rate: How many visitors are turning into customers.
  • Customer Retention: Are your customers coming back for more.
  • ROI: Are you getting a good return on your marketing spend.
  • Sales Growth: Is there an uptick in the sales pipeline since the strategy’s implementation.
  • Lead Quality: Are the leads being generated of high quality and potential value.

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Looking to boost your team’s skills? Many consultants offer more than just advice, they provide hands-on training. They’ll share essential techniques and insights, ensuring your team is primed for digital success.

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Copyright © 2020 – 2024. Registered in England and Wales No. 12868240.

VAT Reg GB392684357.