Generating over £500k of online revenue in Year 1.

Brodie Cashmere

Services: Paid Media, E-commerce SEO, International SEO, Remarketing 

Industry: E-commerce / Fashion

Organic Clicks: +193%

Return on Ad Spend: 3.46x

Project Length: 12 Months

Organic Clicks


Return on Ad Spend


The Client

Brodie Cashmere is a distinctive British brand known for its luxurious cashmere clothing and sumptuously soft cotton silk pieces. With roots in the heart of Yorkshire, Brodie is a family-owned business that has taken the cashmere market by storm with its rich colours and distinctive prints.

“We’ve worked with Growthack for the past year. In this time we saw results driven growth both in sales and in audience as a result of their efforts. Amongst looking for traditional advertising outlets to boost our overall return, they took a motivated approach in over delivering other potential variations and recommendations to improve our website, ensuring every touch point was the best it could be in order to convert. Growthack has certainly been a driving factor in supporting our overall goal of expanding audiences, updating our website and increasing sales worldwide. The team are dedicated, fun to work with extremely professional; any company would be benfit from working with them!” – Lana Rush, Head of Marketing

The Challenges

After establishing themselves as a highly successful wholesaler, supplying fashionable garments to the US and the UK – Brodie partnered with us with an ambition of growing their direct-to-consumer business. At the time, Brodie had just soft-launched their website (the UK only) and had begun the journey of expanding their presence via social media.

Integrating Brodie’s digital marketing strategy

Brodie’s digital marketing efforts initially felt asynchronous. There was a lack of alignment, strategic planning for the structure of the content and a distinct strategy on how best to leverage the website.
Firstly, we optimised the on-page structure of key landing pages. The advertising budget was then distributed and campaigns were optimised for each audience segment – striking a healthy balance between new customer acquisition, and generating profitable sales from the more engaged community.

Email campaigns, social media content and website graphics were all constantly aligned with each promotional event to further amplify messaging and entice customers.

Enhancing the customer experience

Having implemented bread-and-butter optimisations across their website and marketing channels, we conducted an in-depth analysis to learn how customers were finding their digital experience. This was a mixture of analysis methods such as collecting direct feedback from engaged visitors, consulting larger data sets and visualising how users dropped off through the purchasing process.

We discovered numerous opportunities to significantly improve the general performance of their digital channels including a complete facelift of the website and visuals which cemented strong foundations for a high-end user experience.

The Results

+193% Improvement in Organic Clicks YoY

As a result of technical changes, strategic improvements and further internationalisation, we managed to improve over 130+ tracked keywords in both the UK & US, doubling search terms that feature in the SERPs.

A 3.46 ROI on advertising investments

Combining new customer acquisition campaigns with sales generation initiatives.

£500k in online revenue for Brodie’s first full calendar year

Just 18 months following their first direct-to-consumer sale, Brodie’ online store sees phenomenal growth.

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