Generating 1,000 leads at a £15.60 cost-per-lead.

The Client

Mortgage Advice Hub is a specialist mortgage advice company that works with an unrestricted range of mortgage lenders, serving customers across the whole of the UK. They provide assistance on a wide range of mortgage products to fit each individual’s particular circumstances, including poor credit or adverse financial history.

“Working with Growthack has been refreshingly straightforward and I couldn’t have wished for better results.” – Craig Boden, Director.

The Challenge

Not so much of a challenge, but more about seizing opportunity. Craig wished to gain the support of a specialist Paid Media consultant to support his ambition of significantly growing his small and local firm. He believed that there hadn’t been a better time to invest in digital advertising.

Developing a scalable Google Ads strategy

Whilst Mortgage Advice Hub’s services were available UK wide, Growthack initially focused on creating a set of Google Search campaigns to serve in their local region. The idea was to treat this first phase as a sandbox to develop a scalable strategy. By experimenting with a variety of approaches and a small ring-fenced budget over a period of two months, we were able to secure an approach which generated leads in the region of £15.

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“We’ve managed to grow our business and expand our team considerably over the past year, thanks to their fantastic Google Ads strategy.”

The staggered roll out to a national audience

Following the strategic groundwork laid in the first couple of months, we worked closely with Craig to confirm a plan of attack which would see his business claim national visibility, over a period of several months.

We produced a prioritised list of cities which were ranked in terms of housing sale activity. By rolling out our set-up in areas ranked by their potential, we were able to nationalise our approach in the most cost-effective way.

Throughout this process of expansion, it was crucial for Mortgage Advice Hub to have adequate staffing levels to cater to increasing volumes of enquiries. Hence we liaised closely with Craig, allowing for plenty of time for recruitment processes to complete before committing to new regions.

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The Results

1,000 leads generated

Resulting from a specialist Google search ads strategy, in just 9 months of working with Growthack.

£15.60 cost per lead

By optimising advert delivery to the most opportune search queries, we secured extremely desirable lead acquisition costs.

52% “impression share” at a national level

52% “impression share” at a national level
Claiming an impressive share of voice through Google search, improving Mortgage Advice Hub’s overall market share.

“I’m looking forward to what the future holds with Growthack. It goes without saying that I’d recommend them as a trusted partner for digital marketing.”

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