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When you want to talk paid media or PPC, you’ll hear Leo’s voice at the end of the phone. Before co-founding Growthack Leo spent years as an award-winning PPC strategist. He uses platforms like Google, Facebook, YouTube to amplify sales, acquisition, and exposure — in other words, he gets your brand seen and your product sold. Outside of Growthack he’s an expert in his field, writing articles, giving talks and delivering lectures on marketing and advertising.

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Our definition of Paid Media

Paid Media could be defined as any marketing activity that involves a paid advertisement.

This could involve Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising: as the name suggests, you are charged when users ‘click’ on your adverts based on an array of targeting options. This ensures that visitors are pre-qualified and relevant when they reach your business.

Branded content and display ads may also be viable options and these could be priced according to ‘reach’ – the number of impressions gained from the target audience.

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The role of a PPC consultant is to identify how best to approach your paid media strategy in line with your business goals. This involves understanding your target audience, how best to reach them on the desired platform (Google, Facebook and/or Linkedin etc.) and scaling your advertising budget while ensuring a consistent ROAS (Return-On-Ad-Spend).

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Think of PPC as investment banking, where a consultant must make key investments in to target markets that can yield the most profitable results for your business.

Specialisms within PPC could include:

  • Search Ads (Google, Bing, Amazon etc.)
  • Social Ads (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Tiktok etc)
  • YouTube Ads

In terms of sectors, these can vary with a lot PPC practitioners opting for B2B, lead generation or e-commerce. With 7+ years of experience, we can handle any industry-specific advertising campaign.

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A successful PPC campaign will depend entirely on the business and what their KPIs for growth are.

In practice, if you are a new business entering a market where you don’t have any existing brand visibility, you may prioritise reaching as large an audience as possible over profitability.

In contrast, if you are a well established business with tight profit margins, return on ad spend (ROAS) as well as scaling the advertising budget may be more important.

Also, it’s worth considering what the marketing funnel looks like for each business. A B2B enterprise company may have lead times that last for months to years vs an e-commerce business where transactions are instantaneous. There will be vast differences when it comes to measuring performance.

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Any business can set up their own ad campaigns relatively quickly and start spending £1,000s worth of their marketing budget.

However, we often find that there will be numerous inefficiencies.

As an example, you could have been running paid media campaigns for a number of years achieving a return of 2x your ad spend whilst an experience PPC consultant could achieve a 3x return as well as scale the revenue generated. This could be achieved by auditing your ad account(s), restructuring your campaigns and advising on any user experience (UX) changes to the website.

We can provide a free audit initially while we discuss your campaign strategy.

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Consultants are typically more invested in your project from end-to-end: from the sales pitch to the delivery of your paid media strategy. In comparison, large agencies could have their most experienced directors pitch to your business and then delegate the service deliverables to a newer member of the team.

Growthack is not a typical agency and relies on the knowledge of the co-founders as well as other highly-specialist partners to deliver the best work possible.

As an example, we work closely with a specialist development team, specific to the Magento platform (Adobe Commerce) for websites that need this support. This level of website management is often difficult to find within one, ‘full-service’ PPC and web agency.

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Why choose me as your PPC consultant?

Paid Media is a key element for any ambitious brand that wishes to expand into existing and new markets. We approach a paid media strategy in line with your objectives and decide where best to place your ad budget.

As an extreme enthusiast of the digital industry, my passion has seen me collect a host of awards and accolades.

  • Finalist title for “Young Search Professional of the Year” at the European Search Awards (2019).
  • Agency Winner of “Growing Businesses Online” at the EMEA Google Partners Awards (2019). Contributing as a Senior Specialist at Hallam.
  • Winner of “Best B2B Campaign” at The Drum Awards (2021).
  • Winner of “Best Integrated Campaign” at the European Search Awards (2021).

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