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Generate qualified B2B leads with SEO & PPC

We specialise in guiding B2B brands towards international growth with strategic SEO & Paid Media. Whether your business is already on the global map or in the early stages of expansion, we’re here to facilitate your entry into new markets, attract fresh clients, and expand your influence. 

B2B marketing requires a targeted approach to engage corporate decision-makers.

  • Build credibility with statistics, case studies, and industry perspectives.
  • Show your systematic approach to achieving ROI and solving problems.
  • Personalise content and messaging for each target account. 
  • Map targeted content to each buyer journey stage. Educate & nurture leads.
  • Speak directly to key purchasing factors for commercial organisations.
  • Track engagement and usage metrics. Optimise underperforming content.

Challenges for B2B marketing:

  1. Longer sales cycles
  2. Niche audiences
  3. Demonstrating ROI
  4. Managing multiple stakeholders

However, the lifetime value of business customers is often higher.

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Connect with your ideal B2B prospects online

The core goal is to connect with potential businesses and facilitate mutually beneficial transactions or partnerships.

Informative Content

Establish your brand as an industry authority by providing valuable insights, solutions, and thought leadership.

Lead Magnet

Generate leads by strategically creating lead magnets. Offer valuable resources in exchange for contact information.

Case Study

Build trust by incorporating testimonials and case studies to demonstrate the use of products or services.

7 B2B marketing strategies

Your value proposition sums up the unique value your company provides versus alternatives. Identify your differentiators through competitive research. Highlight how you best solve customer pain points. Use metrics or customer examples as proof points. Targeted messaging to different audiences.

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B2B marketing goals provide direction, while specific objectives define measurable steps for getting there. Set objectives for metrics like 

  • lead volume
  • cost per lead
  • sales cycle length

Tie goals to revenue targets. Work with sales to align target accounts. Develop strategies across channels based on buyer journey stages. Continuously track and optimise activities based on performance.

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Ongoing market research provides the insights needed to guide effective B2B marketing. Key areas to research include 

  • Buyers
  • Competitors
  • Industry trends
  • Partnerships
  • Use surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Interviews
  • Third-party reports as intel sources

Apply learnings to improve targeting, positioning, messaging, and services.

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Your website is the digital hub that anchors all marketing efforts. Ensure pages are optimised for conversions and SEO. Create a content strategy for lead gen and thought leadership. Participate in relevant online communities. Run paid ads to extend reach.

Track website analytics to measure impact and optimise efforts.

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Content marketing educates and engages B2B prospects throughout their buyer journey. Develop content like blogs, ebooks, case studies and videos targeted to each stage.

Gate valuable and useful offers with lead capture forms. 

Repurpose content across multiple formats and channels. Analyse performance to further optimise.

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Coordinate outreach campaigns that combine email, content syndication, social media engagement, sales touches, and PR for maximum impact. 

Develop multi-touch nurturing sequences targeted to different personas and stages. Collaborate with sales on high-value accounts. Secure earned media exposure through relationships with industry journalists.

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Digital channels and paid advertising complement broad B2B marketing efforts by targeting prospects actively in the market. Precision targeting options on platforms like LinkedIn make performance marketing very effective for lead generation and conversions. Manage Cost Per Lead closely. Track online behaviour post-exposure.

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Well-planned B2B marketing provides several advantages, including:

1. Increased awareness within your industry. Thought leadership content and PR build credibility.

2. Higher lead generation through tactics like events, content offers, and search ads.

3. More website traffic by optimising for SEO and implementing targeted digital campaigns.

4. Improved sales cycle and conversion rates when marketing and sales align on the buyer journey.

5. Higher retention and reduced churn thanks to customer loyalty programs and education.

6. Better customer insights via metrics, surveys, and personality profiling. Enables personalised communication.

7. Stronger vendor relationships and channel partnerships forged through co-marketing.

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First, you need to analyse your total addressable market – what segments exist that could have interest or need for your product or service? Once you understand the entire context, you can narrow your focus to your ideal customer profile.

Having this buyer persona understanding will make your marketing messaging and campaigns far more effective. You’ll connect with the right prospects with the right content.

Define Target Market and Target Group

Your target market refers to the broad segment of customers fitting your ideal customer profile. For B2B, this is typically defined by:

  • Company Size – SMEs, mid-market, enterprise customers?
  • Industry – Which verticals have a high need for your offering?
  • Location – Defined by region, country, or global.

Your target group narrows the focus further to the specific titles, departments, or buyer personas that will make or influence the purchase decision.

Additional segmentation can be done based on:

  • Firmographic data – revenues, # of employees, tech used
  • Purchasing authority – who makes the final call?
  • Digital behaviours – what sites do they visit and apps use?
  • Psychographics – personalities, values, pain points

Really digging into understanding your most likely customers allows you to tailor every aspect of marketing to best resonate with their needs and preferences.

Understanding how B2B buyers behave and what motivates them takes research. Important insights to uncover include:

  • How do buyers research solutions and make decisions? Is it a committee approach?
  • What are their major pain points related to your type of product or service?
  • What factors influence brand perception? Pricing, reviews, expertise?
  • What content do they consume while evaluating vendors?
  • Who are the decision-makers and key influencers?
  • What triggers cause them to seek solutions or switch providers?

These insights allow you to develop buyer personas and optimise content for each stage of their journey. Truly understanding your audience is what makes B2B marketing effective.

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Strategic Metric Selection:

Begin by strategically selecting metrics that align with your B2B campaign objectives. Whether you’re focusing on 

  • brand awareness
  • lead generation
  • conversion rates

Each metric should contribute to assessing the success of your campaign.

Behavioural Analysis:

Dive deep into behavioural analysis by leveraging analytics tools. Understand how your B2B audience interacts with your campaign elements, from initial email engagement to website visits and conversion events. Analysing these behaviours unveils insights crucial for refining your strategy.

Multi-Channel Attribution:

Implement multi-channel attribution models to comprehend the impact of each touchpoint in the buyer’s journey. This approach allows you to assign value to various channels and touchpoints, offering a comprehensive understanding of how your B2B audience engages with your campaign across platforms.

Conversion Funnel Analysis:

Conduct a thorough analysis of your conversion funnel using analytics. Identify potential bottlenecks, drop-off points, or areas of friction in the buyer’s journey. Addressing these issues ensures a smoother conversion process, leading to improved campaign effectiveness.


Develop comprehensive reports that effectively communicate analytics findings. Visualisation tools and concise reports make it easier for stakeholders to grasp the impact of the B2B campaign. Clear reporting practices facilitate collaborative decision-making for continuous improvement.

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