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For law firms, implementing digital marketing is no longer optional but essential. With increasing numbers of prospects turning to online channels and platforms to research legal services, firms without marketing strategies will struggle to remain competitive and attract clients.

With our expertise in SEO and Paid advertising, we create targeted strategies aligned to each firm’s ideal clients and growth goals.

Our digital marketing plans are designed to:

  • Improve your local search rankings so prospects can easily find you
  • Establish thought leadership by promoting your lawyers’ expertise
  • Convert more website visitors into leads and clients

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Connect with relevant clients

Demonstrate competency across all business areas, not just legal expertise.

Reputation Building

Attracts clients who value industry standing. This repetitional impact is a key need not emphasised.

Competitive Differentiation

Strengths, innovative approaches, and defining brand equities distinguishes you in clients' minds.

Relationship Nurturing

Ongoing digital touchpoints nurture relationships with existing clients and expand avenues.

Marketing strategies to attract clients for professional services

Implementing a diversified digital marketing strategy is advisable for any law firm looking to sustainably grow its client base and remain competitive. Core techniques like:

Content marketing involves consistently creating and distributing valuable, relevant content to attract and engage potential clients.

For law firms, the goal would be to provide informative legal content that highlights expertise and establishes thought leadership, rather than overt salesmanship.

Building authority and trust leads to conversions.

Steps for structuring an effective law firm content marketing approach include:

  • Conduct in-depth keyword research to identify topics and questions prospective clients are actively searching. These inform content themes.
  • Produce a variety of content formats including long-form blogs, guides, videos, checklists, quizzes, and webinars focused on providing utility for target client personas based on researched topics.
  • Promote new content across digital channels through paid ads, website feature placements, and other means. Aim to expand reach over time.

Analyse performance data around:

  • Shares
  • Links
  • Conversions
  • Keyword rankings

To refine content approaches. Identify successes to replicate and underperforming areas to revise.

Patience and persistence are critical in content marketing. However, the authority achieved by providing consistent value without a sales focus builds lasting client relationships over time.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) makes a law firm’s website, services, and lawyers discoverable in search engines for relevant queries like ‘corporate lawyer for startups’ or ‘legal advice for family businesses’ Optimising content for keywords prospective clients use when seeking legal help is important for attracting ready-to-convert website visitors.

Tactics for effective law firm SEO include:

  • Targeting niche, commercial keywords and long-tail key phrases aligned with:
    • specific practice areas
    • lawyer expertise
    • location modifiers ensure pages and content directly match these terms.
  • Optimising technical website elements like:
    • website speed
    • indexing
    • crawling
    • site architecture to facilitate search crawler accessibility.
  • Securing backlinks from:
    • legal directories
    • lawyer rating sites
    • business pages
    • relevant external resources to build domain authority.
  • Closely monitoring keyword rankings in Google Analytics and Search Console to identify successes and opportunities to refine approaches over time.
  • Setting up conversions and goal tracking to quantify SEO’s impact on lead generation, calls, form fills, and other critical actions.

SEO delivers pre-qualified website visitors that convert at much higher rates than general traffic. Consistency is key, but dominating page 1 rankings for core search terms over time provides better ROI.

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Optimising for local searches like “personal injury lawyer nottingham” is hugely impactful. Ranking well for location-based keywords makes firms visible right when nearby prospects are proactively looking for local legal support. This drives lead generation and overall business growth within target geographic markets.

Best practices for law firm local SEO success include:

  • Ensuring all citations, directories, and review profiles completely match law firm name, address, and phone number (NAP) for local search signal consistency.
  • Fully optimising and managing Google My Business and Bing local listings with keywords, services, imagery, and customer experience information.
  • Creating locally-focused pages and producing content optimised with keywords for the city or region like “legal services in nottingham.”

Thriving local SEO helps establish law firms as the go-to legal experts in the backyard of potential clients right when they are researching options online. This high visibility converts at proven high rates.

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In contrast to SEO which focuses on long-term organic rankings, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising like Google Ads provides instant website traffic. PPC allows law firms to place search ads on searches for relevant legal service and attorney keywords. The ability to precisely target keywords and demographics gives immediate access to prospects right when they are searching.

Steps for effective law firm PPC include:

  • Researching niche keywords around relevant practice areas, lawyer expertise, brand terminology, and location modifiers. Bid on and organise ads around aligning terms.
  • Adjusting ad copy that speaks directly to the questions and concerns of potential clients. Conduct A/B testing to changes messaging.
  • Target PPC campaigns based on geography through location modifiers, radius targeting, and hours of operation to focus on viable prospects.
  • Building tightly themed ad groups around specific practice offerings. This allows specialised landing pages and ad copy for maximum relevancy.
  • Setting up conversion tracking to accurately evaluate leads and calls generated from PPC.
  • Analysing campaign data including:

    • click-through rate
    • cost per click
    • impression share
    • top converting keywords 
    • audience performance

to refine and improve over time.

Well-managed PPC provides law firms with a precise, instantly scalable vehicle to get their expertise and services in front of motivated prospects right when they are looking for legal assistance. It generates tangible lead growth.

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The needs of prospective clients

Any legal firm can better understand target clients by:

  • Interview existing clients about their journey before onboarding, satisfaction, challenges faced, and what messaging or content they find useful.

  • Conducting market research through surveys, focus groups, third-party interviews and aggregate data analysis to uncover.
    • Demographics
    • Psychographic
    • Behaviours
    • Shared needs

  • Mapping the detailed process and touchpoints a typical prospect goes through when seeking legal services. Look for pain points marketing can answer.

  • Objectively assessing past marketing performance to determine successes, failures and gaps between messaging and audience needs.

It guarantees that marketing closely corresponds with the goals of legal services purchasers when time has been spent in understanding their motives, typical journeys, mindsets, and values.

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