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Attract top talent with recruitment SEO & PPC

Our recruitment marketing services are designed to maximise your employer’s brand exposure and attract qualified, engaged candidates for open roles. We combine proven SEO tactics, paid advertising best practices to get your opportunities in front of the right people.

The impact of marketing for recruitment

When leveraged strategically, marketing delivers quantifiable results throughout the recruitment process.

  • Wider reach and better sourcing.
  • Higher applicant quality and fit.
  • Faster placement for open roles.
  • Stronger talent pipelines
  • Better candidate and client satisfaction.
  • Higher offer acceptance rates.
  • More repeat business and referrals.

In a tight labour market, recruitment firms cannot afford to be invisible. Strategic marketing is imperative to engage both active and passive candidates, demonstrate value to hiring partners, and ultimately fill roles with top talent. Recruitment and marketing goes hand-in-hand.

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Build credible talent pipelines

Attract, engage, and support active & passive job-seekers

Talent magnet

Establish a strong employer identity. Highlight distinct culture and growth opportunities.

Smoother hiring process

Optimise hiring processes for simplicity and speed. Find the right candidates seamlessly.

Candidates into hires

Help candidates become successful hires. Use automated tools and personalised messages.

8 marketing strategies for recruitment & staffing agency

Marketing is critical whether you’re a recruiter, recruitment firm or even staffing agency striving to access top talent and engage clients in a competitive marketplace. 

Optimise your website and talent pages for relevant keywords. This allows active job seekers to easily find your openings and brand. Regularly publishing high quality content SEO in mind also builds authority.

Understand the intent: Don’t just sprinkle keywords, understand user intent behind each search.

  • Are they actively seeking jobs?
  • Researching career paths?
  • Comparing?

Produce content that meets their needs and intent.

Content calendar: Publish consistently, not sporadically. Create a data-driven content calendar based on keyword research, competitor analysis, and audience insights. Focus on high-quality, in-depth content like industry reports, interview guides with local industry leaders, and skill development resources tailored to your niche.

Job description optimisation:

Include important keywords in the job title, overview, requirements, and qualifications. This helps job descriptions rank higher in search results and job board aggregates.

Persona: Don’t rely on generic candidate profiles. Conduct in-depth interviews with ideal candidates in your niche. Understand their motivations, challenges, and preferred communication styles. Create highly personalised job descriptions that resonate with them.

Location-based optimisation: Prominently incorporate your city, region or geographic service area in page titles, content, and meta descriptions. This signals where you are targeting candidates.

Specialisation optimisation: Tailor pages and content to your niche roles, skills, and industry verticals. This allows you to rank for specialised candidate searches.

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Bidding beyond basics: Don’t just rely on automated bidding. Utilise smart bidding strategies like “Target CPA” to optimise for qualified applicants, not just clicks.

Refine by skills and experience: Target ads based on specific skill sets and experience levels in demand within your niche. This ensures your ads reach highly relevant candidates ready for a new opportunity.

Landing page: Don’t send users to generic job boards. Direct them to dedicated landing pages showcasing the specific job opportunity, company culture, and a seamless application process.

Metrics that matter: Track more than just impressions and clicks. Monitor application rates, cost per qualified candidate, and time to hire to measure the true effectiveness of your campaigns.

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Pixel perfect: Install website tracking pixels strategically across your job pages, application forms, and relevant landing pages to capture user behaviour data.

Personalised reminders: Don’t bombard users with generic ads. Craft dynamic retargeting creatives that remind users of specific jobs they showed interest in, highlight their unique qualifications and encourage them to apply.

Multi-platform: Retarget users across various platforms they frequent, including Google Display Network, LinkedIn, and industry-specific forums and publications.

Frequency control is important: Don’t become an annoyance. Implement frequency capping to ensure a positive brand impression and avoid user fatigue.

Segmentation: Consider segmenting your retargeting campaigns based on user behaviour (e.g., job viewed vs. applied) or specific job interests to personalise ad messaging and increase their effectiveness.

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Beyond generic job boards: Identify and target niche job boards and online communities catering to your specific industry or specialisation. This ensures your ads reach a highly engaged and pre-qualified candidate pool.

Contextual targeting: Utilise contextual targeting options within these platforms to display your ads alongside relevant industry content, industry news articles, and job postings. This increases ad relevance and engagement.

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Create content specifically to attract, engage, and support active and passive job-seeker audiences. This demonstrates thought leadership.

Career advice content: Publish content with career pathing advice, resume and interview tips, evaluating job offers, and negotiation guidance. This provides value to job seekers.

Recruiter & culture content: Share recruiter profiles, culture spotlights, employer brand videos, and employee testimonials. This gives prospects a look at your people and values.

Skill development content: Provide guides on developing relevant skills and expertise. This enables professional growth for candidates in your sector.

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Develop content tailored to engage, educate, and influence hiring decision-makers. This establishes you as an expert partner.

Case studies & success stories: Creating case studies highlighting successful workforce solutions and hired talent achievements engages hiring managers.

Thought leadership content: Share insights on industry trends, labour market analyses and talent management strategies. This builds credibility with clients.

Employer brand content: Highlight awards, recognition, and achievements to reinforce your firm’s employer brand and reputation with clients.

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Distribute and promote your content across paid and owned channels to increase reach and visibility for your expertise and open roles.

Social media: Share your content across your social media channels to engage prospects and clients where they are actively searching.

Email nurture streams: Promote new content through email nurture streams to subscribers and candidates in your database. This provides value.

Website prominence: Feature new content prominently on your site through highlighted sections, banners and pop-ups. This makes it easily accessible.

Paid amplification: Pay to boost high-performing content through social, search ads. Ads expand your reach beyond existing channels.

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Install tracking to measure content and campaign performance. Continuously test and optimise based on data insights.

SEO performance tracking: Use analytics to track rankings of optimised pages, organic traffic from keywords, and how content lifts key terms over time.

Paid media optimisation: Continuously improve paid campaigns through testing ad variations, offers, audience targeting and placements based on performance data.

Content optimisation: Identify and produce more of your highest-performing content styles, topics, and formats based on engagement analytics.

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Integrating SEO & Paid Media (PPC) for recruitment firm and staffing agency

By taking an integrated approach, you can expand your reach to active and passive candidates, amplify your best marketing assets, and optimise performance through shared insights.

SEO represents a major opportunity for recruitment firms to grow their presence and access qualified, relevant talent. By optimising for relevant industry keywords and niche roles, companies can:

  1. Intercept professionals already searching for target terms
  2. Surface job openings organically to qualified talent they may be missing
  3. Establish authority by consistently publishing strategic content
  4. Build organic visibility through optimised technical foundations and page elements

Core focus areas for recruitment SEO:

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While job boards play a role, paid ads allow expanded reach to new audiences.

Targeting across networks: Leveraging platforms like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more, recruitment and staffing agencies can target active candidates with relevant experience by:

  • Location
  • Job title and seniority
  • Skills and credentials
  • Company attributes

Paid ads enable to move beyond just those searching job boards to reach:

  • Professionals consuming relevant industry content
  • Groups and forums related to their specialisation
  • Prospects reading about hiring companies or trends

In short, paid ads expand reach across the web to qualified talent aligned with recruitment needs.

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There are natural synergies when SEO and paid media strategies work cohesively together:

Enhancing SEO content: Paid social and search campaigns can massively expand the reach of high-quality, evergreen SEO content like:

  • Industry research reports
  • Candidate skill guides
  • Market trend analyses
  • Recruiter profiles and leadership perspectives

Nurturing paid ad audiences: SEO content provides valuable fodder for marketing automation streams and email nurturing of audiences from paid ad campaigns.

  • Tip sheets
  • eBooks
  • Assessments
  • Video guides

Move prospects down the recruitment funnel.

Building relevance with thought leadership: Career-focused and industry thought leadership content improves engagement by establishing.

  • Trust
  • Relevance
  • Authority

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Taking an integrated view of SEO and paid enables better optimisation through:

  • Identifying high-performing content across channels
  • Comparing targeting success between paid and organic
  • Guiding future production based on insights from both channels
  • Examining metrics beyond vanity numbers to impact recruitment KPIs

Shared metrics for optimisation:

  1. Cost per lead/applicant
  2. Career site traffic
  3. Application rate
  4. Source of hire
  5. Time to placement

In summary, an integrated SEO and paid media strategy allows recruitment firms to maximise reach, capitalise on their best content, and optimise performance through shared insights.

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