Celebrating your growth and our commitments.


Shortlisted for 'International/Export Website' of the year

Recognised as a finalist for our remarkable track record of delivering outstanding results and making a global impact for clients.

Shortlisted for 'Outstanding Growth' over the past year

Honoured as a finalist for our exceptional growth and strategic approach in delivering client results.

Shortlisted for the 'Start-up' award this year

Independently judged, the Business Masters Awards is a real celebration of business excellence.


Shortlisted for the Breakthrough Award

The Breakthrough Award recognises new businesses – established in the past three years – which have achieved consistent growth backed by strong financial performance under the leadership of a young professional.

Shortlisted for Founder of the Year 2022

The Hustle Awards are an unrivalled badge of excellence for the tech startup industry and the quality benchmark that all businesses working across this sector should aspire to. Raising standards, with a particular focus in diversity, inclusion, and sustainability

Behind the Awards and Recognitions

What Leo & Kevin have to say.

I’m super conscious of the success and happiness bias that we experience when scrolling through our socials. In that, we showcase our best bits, rather than the full story of our lives. Why would we post pics of us suffering from our chronic stress, self-doubts, and our anxieties, I guess? So whilst I’m going to say that I’m seriously pleased and humbled by the fact that mine & Kevin’s efforts in establishing Growthack Digital has seen us nominated by various awarding bodies, acknowledging our service to clients and growth – it isn’t all sparkles…

Leo Worsley

PPC Consultant & Co-Founder of Growthack

Being nominated and attending awards shows is undoubtedly an experience that I’d recommend. It’s provided me with the opportunity to speak with business owners and other marketing professionals I wouldn’t normally encounter and learn from their journeys. These experiences have also allowed us time to:

1. Listen to other people’s perspectives on the challenges we all face
2. Take a step back and recalibrate our thoughts
3. Have some fun

As we gear up for the next phase of Growthack Digital‘s journey, strengthening our offering with several improvements to the business.

Kevin Kapezi

SEO Consultant & Co-Founder of Growthack

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Copyright © 2020 – 2023. Registered in England and Wales No. 12868240.

VAT Reg GB392684357.