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Kevin Kapezi

Kevin Kapezi: SEO Consultant based in Nottingham


As well as being Growthack’s SEO consultant, Kevin is an experienced digital marketing specialist. Having clocked up years working for a vast range of brands, from international credit giant Experian to specialised startups, his all-around experience allows him to take a comprehensive view of your online presence to spot gaps, seize opportunities and drive performance. He’s an accomplished speaker and mentor too, delivering talks at industry events.

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Our definition of SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a systematic process of acquiring website users via natural search queries in search engines. This involves content production as well as technical optimisations to improve website usability, trustworthiness and brand visibility.

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The role of an SEO consultant is to safeguard and improve the organic performance of a website. This involves analysing the online content, site structure, as well as internal and external links to enhance both users’ and search engines’ discovery of your brand.

Specialisms within SEO can also delve deeper into sub-categories such as:

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SEO Consultants help businesses both large and small with effective online growth strategies, leveraging search engines by implementing changes to websites and planning content to enhance organic visibility and promote growth.

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That’s the key question for a lot of business owners. SEO success is simply gaining more organic visibility for your brand through search engines such as Google. This involves technical as well as content strategies designed to provide an immediate uplift in how effective you are at selling your products or services.

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Yes. You probably do and don’t realise it. If you have a business and it’s online you’ll need to ensure your brand is presented to your audience when they search for relevant queries. You can learn how to do this yourself, however, the internet is flooded with so much information that it might be more cost-effective to outsource your SEO activities to someone like me who has invested years into the profession.

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Consultants are typically more invested in your project from end-to-end: from the sales pitch to the delivery of the SEO strategy. In comparison, large agencies could have their most experienced directors pitch to your business and then delegate the service deliverables to a newer member of the team.

Growthack is not a typical agency and relies on the knowledge of the co-founders as well as other highly-specialist partners to deliver the best work possible.

As an example, we work closely with a specialist development team, specific to the Magento platform (Adobe Commerce) for websites that need this support. This level of website management is often difficult to find within one, ‘full-service’ SEO and web agency.

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SEO and business goals Venn diagram illustrated by Growthack

This illustrates how SEO and improving organic visibility can align with your business goals.

Learn how we helped the UK’s leading group of legal and professional services companies

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Why choose me as your SEO and digital marketing consultant?

I’m a well-rounded digital marketing professional with 7+ years of experience in improving performance for B2B, B2C, eCommerce and Lead Gen websites. Read some of the reasons why clients have chosen to work with me from the below Google Reviews.

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Kevin at Growthack, he’s incredibly knowledgeable on all aspects of SEO, including the hard technical things. He’s also a great guy, a great listener and brings very good ideas to the table. He’s also helped set up and explain all the important KPIs to track for success. Would highly recommend!” – Alex, Elements Property

“Kevin has been a huge help with our SEO. His expertise and knowledge has helped us identify areas we need to make improvements combined with his support we have seen a great uplift in our organic presence.” – Louis, Shakespeare Martineau

“We have been working with Growthack on multiple projects. Their expertise on SEO + PPC and looking at data to analyse and make sense of it helped achieve better results. Would definitely recommend them.” – Siva, Autify Digital

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“Kevin and his team provided an excellent service at a competitive price. Their reporting on how the SEO was growing is the best that I have worked with to date.” – Harry, Happyhay Co.

“We’ve been working with Growthack for a few months now and not only are they great guys but they also know what they are doing. They started by fixing our rookie errors and have since systematically gone about increasing our online presence with thoughtful and, as it turns out, effective plans. For our niche products this is vital. Growthack are an important part of our marketing strategy and their consultancy has been invaluable.” – Dan, Info Point

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