Direct to Consumer (D2C) Marketing Services

Growing D2C brands through customer-focused SEO & PPC

We help growing D2C brands maximise their potential through integrated SEO and Paid Media strategies to reach, convert, and retain customers.

How our specialised marketing services help D2C brands:

  • Build awareness and trials in a crowded market.
  • Optimise touchpoints to convert interested visitors.
  • Analyse data to inform ongoing optimisation.

Acquiring customers with a multi-channel strategy

Digital Advertising: Paid search, shopping, remarketing, and social ads can precisely target and convert high-intent audiences.

Content Marketing: From research and strategic planning to optimising content for users and then search engines, our approach aims to drive organic traffic and increase revenue.

In results of this combination delivered:

Trusted by growing D2C brands

+105% international revenue growth for leading jewellery brand

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Individualised customer retention

While acquisition is important, retaining customers and nurturing loyalty is equally vital for long-term viability.

Personalised Campaigns

Serve relevant offers and recommendations based on purchase history and behaviours.

VIP Experiences

Provide special discounts and points-based rewards to repeat customers to make them feel valued.

Build Community

Establish brand community by facilitating and encouraging user-generated content creation and conversations..

Challenges D2C brands experience

  • Lack of existing audience and credibility – Unlike major retail brands, most D2C companies lack existing audiences and must build awareness with trust.

  • Intensely competitive landscape – Consumer expectations are high while competition from both D2C disruptors and major e-commerce players is viable.

  • Diverse marketing expertise – D2C brands must rapidly gain expertise across digital marketing, performance analytics, supply chain, and customer support.

  • Lower consumer trust – Consumers tend to trust established brands sold through major retailers compared to unknown D2C companies.

  • Limited customer data – Without a pre-existing customer base, D2C brands lack data to optimise marketing efforts.

Our D2C marketing services help brands tackle these challenges with proven strategies specific to their business.

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D2C marketing strategy

D2C marketing requires a mix of both branding and performance marketing, the strategy must map to the specific needs and challenges of consumers.

When formulating a comprehensive D2C marketing plan, here are the key strategic components brands should consider.

The brand story and messaging lay the foundation for marketing success. D2C brands should take time to shape a compelling brand identity and purpose that resonates with target customers. Key elements include:

  • Conveying your brand values, personality, and differentiators in a consistent voice across channels.
    • What makes your brand special?
  • Communicating the specific customer problems your brand aims to solve.
    • What value do you provide?
  • Ensuring messaging aligns with D2C distribution and direct customer engagement.

Brand messaging provides a strategic backbone for marketing campaigns and content across channels.

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While demographics provide a baseline, truly understanding the target audience is key for D2C brands. Key actions include:

  • Conduct customer research to uncover needs, pain points, and purchasing motivations. Surveys, interviews, and customer service logs can provide behavioural insights.
  • Analyse customer data to identify key audience segments and patterns. Look at psychographics and purchase behaviours.
  • Develop fictional but representative buyer personas that capture your most valuable customer archetypes.

These insights allow for more personalised, impactful marketing and optimisation decisions.

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The D2C model gives brands control over the full experience, from discovery to purchase and beyond. To convert interested shoppers, D2C brands should:

  • Map the customer journey and identify major challenges, especially during evaluation and purchase.
  • Make the path to purchase as seamless as possible. Ensure intuitive site navigation, digestible product information, and clear calls to action.
  • Provide robust educational content to aid the research process.
  • Make post-purchase touchpoints, like help documentation and customer support, exceptional.

Optimisation should continue even after the sale to encourage loyalty and repeats.

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With limited resources, concentrate spending on one or two core channels proven to work for your business model, products and customers. Critical steps:

  • Audit strengths across owned channels paid (search, social) and earned (SEO).

  • Analyse ROI for current initiatives to identify most effective channel(s) to double down on.

  • Ensure channel strategies align to budget constraints and in-house expertise.

  • Allow room to test new channels with promise; remain flexible.

Channel selection and budget allocation are big strategic choices impacting marketing success.

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