Over 800% growth in online revenues after working in partnership for just a single year.

Paguro Upcycle

Services: SEO (Content), Paid Media

Industry: E-Commerce / Fashion

Overall Revenue: +804%

Return on Ad Spend: 197%

Project Length: 12 Months

Conversion Rate


New Users


The Client

Paguro Upcycle creates contemporary, handmade, eco-friendly home and fashion accessories. Paguro’s founder, Yen, searches the globe looking for creative designers with the shared aim of creating eye-catching upcycled products, showcasing quality craftsmanship and one of a kind designs.

“Growthack has been the ideal partner to drive the growth of our online business. They recognised immediately the technical issues that were stunting the performance of the site and worked with me to make step-by-step improvements both to the retail site and social media channels.” – Yen Wei Goo, Founder.

The Challenges

Over 5 years, Paguro Upcycle had become a trusted, local sustainable brand. Yen wished to further establish her brand presence online, with the aim of scaling the business to a worldwide audience.

The core challenges were to:

  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the website and prepare it for growth.
  • Ensure that the brand appears for relevant searches online.
  • Incorporate a paid marketing strategy to efficiently scale the business.

Our Consultative Approach

We understood Paguro’s objectives and immediately began working with the current website, ensuring her brand positioning was aligned with the copy and implemented quick-win changes to the design, enhancing the rate of conversion from existing users.

Technical & user-focused SEO

Using our technical WordPress and WooCommerce knowledge, we quickly identified issues with the existing website that needed fixing which affected site speed and eCommerce tracking.

We then researched and discussed appropriate budget options, including Shopify, while working on a keyword strategy around target topics identified within our initial free of charge consultancy.

Once all the basic elements were covered, we began implementing a content marketing strategy to further drive relevant traffic to the site; whilst also considering conversion rate improvements to enhance the user experience.

Deploying a paid media strategy

Having established a small and separate budget for online advertisements, we devised a paid media strategy which initially focused on Google Search and Shopping campaigns, promoting best-performing products to highly relevant users. We supplemented this activity by remarketing to users who were highly engaged on the website with Display banner ads.

Scaling ad spend in line with ROI

Shortly after, following immediate return on investment, we increased the scope of our strategy to include Facebook, Instagram and YouTube advertising. In order to effectively target relevant users on these platforms, we worked with Paguro’s customer database and leveraged machine learning techniques to identify like-minded users. Then, to take things one step further, we exclusively targeted users who expressed clear signals that they were ready to make a purchase.

The Results

+804% Overall Revenue

As a result of internationalising the website, producing and optimising multilingual content and niche-targeting via online advertising channels.

+310% New Users

From Organic Search following the successful implementation of our Content Strategy & PR initiatives

+251% Conversion Rate

Following an initial review, Paguro rebuilt and redesigned the website in line with our technical recommendations. Additionally, conversion rates are continually enhanced as a result of on-going iterations.

197% Return-On-Ad-Spend

Numerous advertising platforms have been activated to achieve various marketing objectives. This ranges from elevating brand exposure (YouTube ads) to sales activation (Google and Facebook ads).

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Copyright © 2020 – 2024. Registered in England and Wales No. 12868240.

VAT Reg GB392684357.