How LinkedIn Ads creates multi-million pipeline from key targeted accounts


Services: Paid Media (Paid Social)

Industry: Digital Workplace Management

Pipeline Contribution: ZERO to 29%

Anticipated ROI: 3:1

Project Length: 12 Months

Pipeline contribution from LinkedIn ads

ZERO to 29%

Anticipated ROI


The Client

Voss is a trusted provider of communication management software solutions, empowering businesses by offering efficient and scalable tools for unified communications and collaboration.

“I approached Growthack already knowing of their capabilities from previous engagements- and once again, they have delivered. The LinkedIn campaign framework and management have played a key role in VOSS’ growth” – Debbie Robertson, CMO.

The Challenges

VOSS’ service is hyper-specialised towards organisations with employee headcounts north of 10,000. In order to fuel relevant growth of their pipeline, they needed a marketing solution that helps them deliver their message to an exceptionally narrow B2B audience.

Leveraging proprietary company profiling and linkedIn ads

This is where the power of proprietary company profiling and LinkedIn Ads can combine to produce the highest degree of precision for B2B lead generation campaigns. Hugely minimising the degree of inefficient advertisement spending which often comes with trying to reach a niche target audience.

Once the audience had been defined, we proceeded to design a content-led campaign strategy which addresses key pain points. With such content being gated (requiring contact details for further consumption), and leveraging hidden form fields, VOSS were able to generate highly desirable MQLs that are traced to their original source.

The Results

Given that VOSS’ sales cycle length is 12 months on average, ensuring we have an appropriate tracking framework has been a pivotal factor in exceptional pipeline growth.

Record-breaking improvements to business pipeline health.

  • ZERO to 29% pipeline contribution from LinkedIn ads
  • 3:1 Anticipated ROI

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