Kevin Kapezi

SEO Specialist & Co-founder of Growthack

Kevin is a well-rounded content marketing and SEO professional with over 5 years of experience - both agency and in-house. He has been recently featured as a speaker in Searchmetrics' Digital Summit and has worked with brands such as Experian, Gears Canada, NRS Healthcare and more.

He enjoys working with startups and ambitious businesses on challenging projects increasing online demand for their products/services.

He's also an active Nottingham Trent University graduate mentoring students, helping them become better equipped for life after university.

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SEO Specialist FAQs

I’lll try my best to answer some common frequently asked questions about SEO specialists.

What is an SEO Specialist?

The role of an SEO specialist is to safeguard and improve the organic performance of a website. This involves analysing the online content, site structure, as well as internal and external links to enhance both users’ and search engines’ discovery of the brand.  Specialisms within SEO can also delve deeper into sub-categories such as e-commerce, internationalisation and local SEO.


What does an SEO Specialist do?

SEO Specialists help businesses both large and small with effective online growth strategies, leveraging search engines by implementing changes to websites and planning content to enhance organic visibility and promote growth.


How can an SEO Specialist help my business?

A website is at the core of how most businesses operate and a specialist within SEO can help optimise your audience’s online experience.


What does success look like in SEO?

That’s the key question for a lot of business owners. SEO success is simply gaining more organic visibility for your brand through search engines such as Google. This involves technical as well as content strategies designed to provide an immediate uplift in how effective you are at selling your products or services.


Do I need an SEO Specialist?

Yes. You probably do and don’t realise it.

If you have a business and it’s online you’ll need to ensure your brand is presented to your audience when they search for relevant queries. You can learn how to do this yourself, however, the internet is flooded with so much information that it might be more cost-effective to outsource your SEO activities to someone like me who has invested years into the profession.


Think about any successful, major online business and if they invest in SEO.

Now, imagine if they didn’t.

Working with an SEO specialist, with a solid background in online commerce will set you apart from your competitors. So, if you’re serious about growing your business then SEO is a sound investment strategy.

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