How a UK music store profitably penetrates US and AU markets


Services: Paid Media (Google Shopping)

Industry: E-Commerce / Music

International Revenue Growth: 314%

Return on Ad Spend: 7.29

Project Length: 6 Months

International Revenue Growth


Return on Ad Spend


The Client

Europadisc is a UK based online retailer specialising in classical music CDs, offering a vast selection to physical music enthusiasts worldwide

“Our partnership with Growthack has been one that I hope to enjoy for many more years. They’ve helped tremendously in securing revenue streams overseas.” – Richard Cox, Director

The Challenges

With modest marketing budgets and the desire to expand beyond the UK, came a creative solution which allowed Europadisc to internationalise it’s Google Shopping Ads efforts.

Geographical market

This leads to the obstacle that is for every geographical market a business wishes to enter, they will need to ensure that the market’s native currency and logistics information is present on any given product page you wish to promote.

This is typically solved by extensively internationalising your website (i.e. creating a subfolder or sub domain structure), which demands significant investment.

Google Shopping Ads policy

In the eyes of Google Shopping Ads policy, the product information provided within your Google Merchant Centre product feed must match the information found on the product landing pages.

Low-cost method

We thought of a different, low-cost method, which allowed Europadisc to expand significantly while bypassing the need for a major overhaul of its website structure.

Put simply, for each territory of choice, we appended a set of parameters to each product URL which when accessed, instructs the web server to populate the product information on-page that corresponds to that chosen territory.

The Results

Return-on-ad-spend achieved since the start of our engagement:
Revenue growth achieved since the start of our engagement:

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