10x online growth for a sustainable fashion brand

Foxology Clothing

foxology clothing

Services: SEO, Paid Media (Social, Search)

Industry: E-Commerce / Sustainable Clothing

Online Revenue Growth: +9.6x

Increase in Organic Traffic: +1,100%

Project Length: 12 Months

ROAS through Social Media & Google


People Reached


The Client

Foxology produces sustainable & ethically sourced knitwear created with love, passion and caring for our planet. The fabrics and workmanship are of the highest quality and long-lasting. This is ‘slow fashion’.

“I’ve been very impressed with Growthack’s technical knowledge and how effective the marketing strategies have been from the very 1st month. We had tried various campaigns before without seeing any tangible results. However, since working with them, our website has really started to generate consistent sales.” – Dawn Foxall, Founder.

The Challenges

It goes without saying that 2020 brought about many difficulties and challenges for start-up brands like Foxology, but the silver-lining was that it provided the encouragement to explore a “digital first” business mindset. Foxology had a small following of brand evangelists, called ‘Foxologists’, gained through participating in country and Christmas fairs and events. They also sold products into a dozen stores throughout the UK, which sadly ended with the COVID-19 outbreak.

Increasing awareness using social media

This community provided the perfect startpoint in building an online presence – translating her customer and contact lists into defined audiences to reach via social media channels.

The pandemic inevitably hindered the population’s buying habits and for Foxology’s core, high price-point product ranges, demand was very low. Reacting to the climate, Foxology began offering its customers a variety of premium face coverings, which we translated into a wide-spread social media campaign. This invited a flurry of interest to Dawn’s website and encouraged many sales for face coverings from Foxologists and new customers alike.

This strategic manoeuvre bought us the necessary time needed to plan for Foxology’s future online growth, which revolved around core product ranges.

“My business’ monthly online revenue has gone from virtually £0 to £10k in 6 months. Thousands of people now know about Foxology. It has been a massive turnaround!”

Improving organic reach using SEO techniques

We maximised Foxology’s organic reach by optimising its website content for online search queries and improved the navigation to enhance the experience.
  • Keyword research into categories and topics associated with the products
  • Re-organising the product navigation, adding in new collection categories
  • Developing FAQ page content to further establish expertise
  • Applying on-page changes to the website, including optimising the website copy for both customers and search engines
This resulted in an immediate boost to organic traffic and sales, which continually improves each month.

Scaling revenue with effective advertising campaigns

Using our extensive knowledge around Facebook, Instagram & Google advertising, we developed a marketing funnel which catered to each critical layer. 

  • Generating awareness among users who are unfamiliar with the brand 
  • Encouraging sales from users who express interest in Foxology’s products
  • Communicating new product releases and promotions to existing customers
This allows Foxology to sustain a profitable Return-On-Ad-Spend (ROAS) target, whilst actively reaching prospects and expanding the customer-base.  A key variable which helped spur on the success of generating targeted awareness, was in developing a product range which contained a lower price-point, therefore encouraging engagement and purchasing behaviour. In turn, this provided the opportunity to generate sales for higher priced items.

The Results

+9.6x online revenue growth since beginning in May 2020

Resulting from the combined efforts of organic and paid media strategies, in just 6 months of working with Growthack.

+150,000 people reached and 3.2x ROAS through Social Media & Google

Effectively using brand outreach video promotions as well as highly-targeted sales campaigns.

+1,100% increase in Organic Traffic since May 2020

Ensuring sustainable growth with an SEO strategy that has laid the foundation for scale.

Grow your business with effective organic and paid media strategies

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