Kevin Kapezi will be speaking at the International Search Summit in Barcelona

Merger, Acquisition or Restructure? Key Considerations for International SEO

I never would have thought that I’d be traveling to Barcelona to talk about SEO!

Mergers and acquisitions are common occurrences in the business world, and their impact on SEO can be significant.

In a 2022 presentation in Barcelona, Kevin Kapezi, SEO Consultant, shared insights and examples of the considerations necessary when a company undergoes a merger or acquisition. With over six years of experience in the field, he provided valuable insights into the world of international SEO and its implications for businesses. He also went through how you could maintain brand equity and explained the challenges that businesses could face.

Here’s a short recap of what was discussed

  • What success looks like for international SEO implementation
  • How to work with non-SEO stakeholders
  • How to consolidate content
  • Website migration considerations
  • A checklist of best practices

Understanding Mergers and Acquisitions

Kevin emphasized the prevalence of mergers and acquisitions in the business world, with over $57 trillion worth of transactions since 2000. He discussed notable examples such as ExxonMobil’s merger and Asos’s acquisition of Topshop, shedding light on the motivations behind such deals and the potential impact on brand visibility and equity.

Impact on Brand Visibility and Equity

Drawing from real-world examples, Kevin highlighted the intricate challenges businesses face in maintaining brand visibility and equity during mergers and acquisitions. He discussed the pitfalls of wildcard redirects and the loss of retail space in search engine result pages, underscoring the need for strategic decision-making to retain brand value.

International SEO Considerations

Sharing his experience with Experian’s acquisition of leading companies in South Africa, Kevin emphasized the importance of tracking visibility, collaborating with regional teams, and closely monitoring the impact of web changes during international migrations.

His insights underscore the critical role of SEO specialists in ensuring a seamless transition and preserving brand equity across international markets.

Consolidating Content and Best Practices

Kevin stressed the significance of consolidating content effectively, focusing on high-value pages, and consulting developers to implement efficient redirects. He also emphasized the need for risk assessments, temporary redirects, and strategic communication to navigate the complexities of mergers, acquisitions, and restructures.

Future Considerations

Looking ahead, Kevin touched on Next’s recent acquisition of, highlighting the potential implications for the brand and the importance of preserving its identity. He emphasized the need for companies to leverage acquired brands strategically and transform them into enduring entities rather than assimilating them into existing portfolios.

What to look out for on your next migration


In conclusion, these insights shed light on the multifaceted landscape of mergers, acquisitions, and international SEO. By understanding the complexities involved and implementing best practices, businesses can navigate these transitions successfully while preserving brand equity and visibility.

By summarising and expanding on Kevin’s seminar, this blog post aims to provide valuable guidance for businesses and SEO specialists embarking on similar journeys. The intricacies of international SEO in the context of mergers and acquisitions require a strategic approach, collaboration across diverse teams, and a keen focus on preserving brand value amidst transformative changes.

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